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The FCFF Releases 13 Categories, Best of 2019 List
Jan 23, 2020 | by: FCFF Staff

Portland, OR – The Full Contact Fighting Federation (FCFF) has released this year's Best of 2019 list. This list recognizes the top fighters within the organization in thirteen categories and will become part of the annual Fighter Hall of Fame which has been recorded since 2009. The FCFF's Best of 2019 list features categories ranging from Male and Female Fighter of the Year, Fastest Finishes, Most Famous Corner, Most Improved Fighter, to the 2020 Fighter to Watch. The first event of 2020 for the FCFF will be Rumble at The Roseland 106 scheduled for Saturday, March 7, 2020. This event features four FCFF Championship Fights, three of them being in women's divisions.

The FCFF's Best of 2019 official list is comprised of athletes who fought in the 2019 calendar year in the FCFF's Rumble at The Roseland event.

Fastest Submission of the Year: Dylan Langlands

At the first show of 2019, Rumble at the Roseland 101, Art of War's Dylan Langlands went on to defeat Joey Galan in just 1:26 of Round 1 by rear naked choke!

Fastest TKO of the Year: Sam Wilson

Who remembers the birth of the nickname Sam 'The Hurricane' Wilson?

Only a few days prior to #RUMBLE103, Chael Sonnen was quoted referencing Sam Wilson's out-the-gate power to a Category 5 Hurricane...and as if on cue days later at fight night, Wilson would immediately spin his opponent around finishing him via only 8 seconds of round 1!


Fastest KO of the Year: Mihaela Keller

Honors of 2019's Fastest KO go to Mihaela Keller for her stunning 12 second delivery to her opponent in the first round at #RUMBLE105. The sold out crowd were on their feet shocked and cheering at the unexpected early blow! Keller is one to keep an eye on in 2020 in our promotion...this is just the beginning for her!




Best KO of the Year: Peter Lysenko

We've given you the fastest knockout, but now we award the BEST...the one that is most memorable of 2019. That KO was delivered by Peter Lysenko of Straight Blast Gym at #RUMBLE102 securing himself the FCFF Lightweight Superfight Champ!

There's a video highlight floating around showing the dramatics of this blow, but if you were in attendance you remember this one that landed only 5 seconds into the 2nd round. There's been talks of a rematch...



Best Victory Dance: Matt Lawson

Back at #RUMBLE102,upon defeating his opponent, Matt Lawson of Impact Jiu Jitsu gifted the fight fans with an impromptu breakdance performance!

Many fighters have been known to jump the cage, do backflips off of corner post, but this was a new one. And our photographer was able to capture plenty of images that will make you feel like you're watching it live...check out our Rumble 102 gallery at for more pics!



Most Famous Corner: Matt Mitrione cornering Peter Lovincey

Unbeknownst to him, Peter Lovincey would propel himself into a new awards category this year with a surprise guest in his corner during the opening fight of #RUMBLE102.

Lovincey, ready to walk out for the first fight of the night, stood with no cornerman behind the curtain. Bellator fighter Matt Mitrione happened to be in attendance that night due to his scheduled grappling competition versus Fabiano Scherner the following day at Submission Underground. Mitrione put away his popcorn he had brought to the SUG weigh-ins he just participated in, and walked out with Lovincey. Ironically, they faced one of Scherner's fighters that night.

You never know who is going to be in attendance at our Rumble at the Roseland events!



Best Retirements: Earla and Mike

There's no doubt #RUMBLE102 was a special event that included seeing famous fighters/grapplers in the cage, as well as the 2nd season of Wimp 2 Warrior...but the fans really got on their feet as we bid farewell to
two very special people in the FCFF.

Earla, best known as the runner for many years going up and down those Roseland stairs to make sure the show ran smoothly from fight to fight, made her final walk that night at Rumble 102. And of course, there was also Mike, the cage door guy...the man who built and maintained the FCFF cage from the very first event. Set it up and tore it down without calling in sick once for over 100 shows.

Thank you fight fans for the standing ovation and proper farewell that both of these amazing people deserved! No argument of BEST RETIREMENTS!



Most Improved Fighter: Willy Santana

He burst onto the MMA scene just in July at #RUMBLE103 and stepped out of the cage 0-1 after losing to a split decision...however that didn't stop Willy Santana of Impact Jiu Jitsu! He came back for both  RUMBLE104 and #RUMBLE105, ending the year with a 2-1 record. Keep an eye on this featherweight in 2020!



Female Fighter of the Year: Amanda Loewen

To adequately describe Amanda Loewen, one must start with the facts. She's 4-0, Oregon's first female black belt, a straight savage in the cage, an incredible role model, AND our FCFF Featherweight Champion!

Loewen started off the year facing undefeated Hannah Summers in the SLAMMER going almost 5 rounds until she got the W by RNC submission earning her the title. And then just last month, she would make her title defense against ANOTHER undefeated fighter and former title holder, Jordan Kanewa. For those that saw the fight or heard about it, you know she earned that victory also, pulling off another 5th round submission by way of knee bar.

Congratulations Champion and our 2019 Female Fighter of the Year, Amanda Loewen!



Male Fighter of the Year: Jaylon Bates

He's 22. He's 9-0. And if you thought any of his success was a fluke, his last 5 fights have been for a belt AND his last two opponents? UNDEFEATED. Until he fought them.

Jaylon Bates is the FCFF Bantamweight Champion and just like his female counterpart in this year's awards, he TOO defended his title against undefeated opponents, one being our current FCFF Flyweight Champion who moved up a weight class and took Bates into the 5th round as well as a unanimous decision just last month.

Where will he go from here?? Congratulation undefeated Champion AND our 2019 FCFF Male Fighter of the Year!



2020 Fighter to Watch: Steven Weant

Making his first appearance at #RUMBLE102, Steven Weant of Walker's Martial Arts went to compete two more times this past year earning himself an undefeated 3-0 record AND a superfight belt!

He looks to be eyeing the championship title him keep rising in the FCFF SLAMMER in 2020!



Female Fight of the Year: Jordan Kanewa vs Amanda Loewen

It is without question that Amanda Loewen had a great year. Both of her fights in 2019 could have snagged this recognition but it was definitely a unanimous decision to call it for the last fight of the year...the women'sFeatherweight title between former champ and challenger Jordan Kanewa and current champion Amanda Loewen.

What a battle that was! It was compared to that of the first meeting between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva. It had fans in their seats until almost midnight. It was a fight that movies are made of and discussed around the watercooler on Monday's. Thank you for leaving it all in there, Jordan and Amanda!

We had several amazing female fights in the SLAMMER this last year (shoutout to Hannah Summers, Caree Hill, Andrea Hernandez, Caysea McBride, Kat Orian, ...the list goes on!). Can't wait to watch more female competitors rise in our cage in 2020!



Male Fight of the Year: Max Garrison vs Sage Farnworth

Without further ado, our final award of 2019 once again takes us back to #RUMBLE102 when 8-1 Sage Farnworth faced 4-1 Max Garrison for the Featherweight Title in the main event. The predicted war between these two top contenders did not disappoint! The fight would come to an end in just under 1 minute of the 5th round with Farnworth claiming the title by submission.