Submission Underground 18
Oct 4, 2020 |

Main Event - SUG Absolute World Championship
No-Gi: Mason Fowler def. Vinny Magalhaes - Escaping in the least amount of time in the overtime rounds.
Mason Fowler remains the SUG Absolute World Champion

Co-Main Event
No-Gi: Kendall Reusing def. Leah Taylor - Submission due to armbar - :07 of the top of OT Rd. 1

Main Card Bout
No-Gi: Kody Steele def. Bryan Nuro - Submission due to heel hook - 2:19 of Regulation
No- Gi: Keith Krikorian def. Rafael Domingos - Submission due to Triangle Choke - 2:12 of Regulation
No-Gi: William Tackett def. Gabriel Checco - Submission due to Face Crank - 2:50 of Regulation

No-Gi: Alan Sanchez def. Justin Renick - Submission due to RNC - 1:10 of the top of OT Rd. 1
No-Gi: Andrew Alexander def. Pablo Alfonso - Submission due to RNC - 4:42 of Regulation
No-Gi: Andy Varela def. Nick Ronan - Submission due to Neck Crank - :25 of the bottom of OT Rd. 1
Gi: Aaron Tiegs def. Alex Larmey - Submission due to Cross Lapel Choke - 3:36 of Regulation
No-Gi: Hunter Colvin def. Emil Fischer - Submission due to RNC - 4:06 of Regulation

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