MMA Supertown


n. \’em-em-ā-‘sü-pər-taun\  1. a connected series or group of mixed martial artists, 2. The core or center, as in a nexus or a population of fighters, 3. a specialized area involved in inter-fighter competition and training. i.e. Portland is MMA Supertown.

In the heart of the bustling world of mixed martial arts (MMA), emerges a unique phenomenon – MMA Supertown. Defined as a connected series or group of mixed martial artists, this concept encapsulates the essence of a core or center, akin to a nexus, thriving with a vibrant population of fighters. It’s more than just a geographical location; it’s a specialized area where the pulse of inter-fighter competition and training beats fervently.

Imagine Portland as the epitome of MMA Supertown, where the tapestry of this dynamic realm is woven with the stories and skills of a diverse array of fighters. This isn’t just about a city; it’s about a community, an interconnected web of individuals dedicated to the art and discipline of mixed martial arts.

It’s not merely an enclave for fighters; it’s a sacred ground where the unwavering dedication of these athletes echoes in every strike and submission.


The concept of MMA Supertown delves deep into the very soul of mixed martial arts, harnessing the collective energy and passion of a community that genuinely lives and breathes the sport. It isn’t just about individual fighters; it’s about the collective journey, a maze of challenges and triumphs that define the ethos of this unique realm.

As we embark on this exploration of MMA Supertown, it’s crucial to recognize that it goes beyond being just a location on the map. It serves as a testament to the pivotal role that a community can play in shaping the landscape of mixed martial arts. Portland, in this context, isn’t just a city—it’s a beacon in the MMA Supertown, guiding fighters on their journey to elevate their skills and become a part of something larger than themselves.