Rumble Roundup: Rumble at the Roseland 48

Rumble Roundup: Rumble at the Roseland 48.

Two standout fights were among 16 fine competitive bouts for Rumble 48; the main Championship event between a couple of great Lt. Heavyweights, and the long awaited Women’s Championship.

Jason Sharp fought his final bout in The FCFF, taking the belt over Josh Hitsman with a guillotine choke, two minutes into Round 1. Both athletes have consistently brought action and entertaining fights to The Slammer; this contest was no different. But taking the belt home appeared extra sweet for Sharp after announcing he will be going Pro, to fight as a Middleweight. His speed and agility as a Lt. Heavyweight will be an asset at his new weight. Jason Sharp has been a fixture at the FCFF for some time, as a fighter and as a photojournalist during NW Gladiator’s tenure. And we hope to see future journalistic contributions from Jason on The FCFF’s homepage.

Glena Avila defeated Jana Piper in a hard fought split decision that had both women throwing punches in a bout that was heavy on striking and lots of action. The intensity of both fighters was evident from the first second, the combatants keeping up a pace that did not disappoint the crowd. Well matched for skill and training, the two athletes came prepared to neutralize their opponent. The fight was both technical and fast moving, well worth the wait since FCFF’s last women’s fight.

Two other Championships were featured events: the Bantamweight belt where Denny Linton TKO’d Dave Kohn with strikes not long into minute two of Round 1. Denny Linton is the new FCFF Bantamweight Champion.
Also, in a HWT Superfight, between Paul Hasslen, and Damion Martindale, Hasslen TKO’d Martindale due to strikes, in Round 2.

It was a ‘striking night’ in The Slammer!